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Shopping Lists and the ‘No X’ item

I do most of the shopping since Danielle works business hours. The primary shopping list is on a whiteboard that’s stuck onto the fridge with magnets. This is convenient for writing down groceries as soon as we use up the last one or discover that we need something.

I keep another shopping list in my list manager, ToodleDo. This syncs between web, iPhone and iPad so it’s always with me and up to date.

Before I leave the house to go shopping I take a cell phone picture of the fridge whiteboard. This is faster and less error-prone than transcribing the list onto paper or into the phone.

One technique we’ve been using is the ‘No X’ item. In a context where I’m getting “fruit” it’s helpful to be reminded we have a half bag of apples — the way we do this is by writing ‘fruit — no apples’ on the list. Or ‘tortilla chips — no salsa’ to indicate that we only need chips but have enough salsa at the moment.

Since we try to limit ourselves to a weekly Costco trip, this is helpful for not overspending our budget and for not overstocking perishables.  I’m surprised to say that this and other techniques have cut our grocery budget by 50%, to say nothing of our waistlines and eating out budget.  We eat better food, and Danielle is happier that there are not more groceries than can be used up.

An interesting difference between us uncovered just this summer after nearly twenty years together is the profound difference we have regarding groceries.  Danielle views herself as committed to turning the groceries into healthy and delicious food with minimal spoilage of leftovers and components.   Sam views the groceries as stocking the savannah of the fridge for a time.  Naturally enough, we view the entry of four large artichokes, a kilo of fancy mushrooms and fresh herbs into the house somewhat differently.

We are not sure if these are personality, gender or upbringing differences.  Thoughts?

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