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Olive the Other Ringwraith

A consequence of using the Heisig system to learn the Kanji — the mnemonic “Olive, the other ringwraith”
Resurrected from my facebook dustbin by request from my kids, now here in easy-to-find web-searchable format:
Olive the Other Ringwraith
Olive, the other ringwraith
hadn’t even been a king
She didn’t have a throne
She didn’t even have a ring

All of the other ringwraiths
Used to hiss and call her names
They never let poor Olive
Join in any ringwraith games

Then one foggy Durin’s Day
Sauron came to say
Olive with your knives so cruel
Won’t you make some hobbit gruel?

Then all the ringwraiths loved her
and they screamed aloud with glee
“Olive, the other ringwraith
You’ll go down in history!”  (like Númenor…)

And the motivation is that the character nine (九) is mnemonicized as ‘baseball’ – since there are 9 players on the field – but someone suggested ‘ringwraith’ which is much better for me since I am a sports dunce. Then there’s a component that occurs in a few characters of 9 (九) over 10 (十), as in the right-hand side of smash (ç •). I have decided that’s the little-known tenth ringwraith, Olive, aka “Olive the other ringwraith”.

So smash (ç •) is a stone (石) smashing into Olive’s face, as opposed to the more abstract concept stone + nine + ten.

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