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Spouses Should Not Strive For Equality

Don’t split tasks evenly, explains Noah Berlatsky, writing in Scientology puff-magazine the Atlantic:

 Housework isn’t a debt wives owe to husbands, nor one husbands owe to wives. It’s not a gift you give to make a slave. Rather, it’s the quotidian stuff of which the relationship is made. We’re married, so we help each other. And the helping isn’t to protect the marriage, or to keep the people in the marriage happy. The helping is the marriage itself.

Yeah, no kidding.

What if we tried to split all the tasks up equally?  She’ll breastfeed half the time, and …… what? the other half of the time.  I’ll hold the steering wheel, you shift the gears.  You go to your office Monday, Wednesday and come to mine Tuesday, Thursday…

Or maybe: sure, go to medical school — but make sure you’re home on time every day to take care of your twelve hours of the parenting.

Shyeah, right.

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