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The Future was Last Week

In the future, we will have roving autonomous self-assembling bioreactors which will take in cellulosic matter, and convert it to natural gas and bio-available nutrients including complex amino acid chains. Some units will allow on-line collection of liquid food product, which can either be transported as-is or condensed into various solid, more easily stored forms, while other units will have to be deactivated and disassembled in order to yield edible matter.

In this way, we will be able to harvest the solar energy dumped on vast portions of the North American continent, currently growing useless native grasses, and instead have useful industrial feedstocks such as methane, butyric acid and long-chain hydrocarbon carboxylates.

They might even look a little like this:



Also we’ll have minature flying drone robots that collect plant matter, process it into sugar, and store it in custom-sized 3D-printed wrappers.


My point: buzzwords make everything sound good.

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