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Less Painful Office Ribbons

Microsoft helpfully “upgraded” office in 2007 and destroyed all the personal intellectual capital that people had created by learning the menu system.  I took slight notice of this at the time because, hey, infant twins.

Recently I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming off of Office 2003 and started using Office 2007, so I’ve had to deal with this piece of junk myself.

Eventually I noticed that Excel 97/2000/2003 menu shortcut keys still work through a “magic compatibility mode”.  But for the things that I used to use toolbars, I was screwed.

Right-clicking on a selection brings up a toolbar that contains almost all, but not quite all, of the least useful formatting commands.

Today I was trying to resize some rows and columns and it was so incredibly painful that I actually found a meta-solution: an add-in that lets you search for commands by name.   Found it via Debra Dalgeish’s blog Contextures, which looks to have lots of useful Excel stuff.

I hope someone doesn’t add a command-line interface to Excel next.  I’d have to find something new to whine about.

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