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.. is an ex-sysadmin

I am now an ex-sysadmin.

That hit me pretty hard.  I was surprised.

Yesterday I had a final meeting onsite with Client#1’s sysadmin; we talked over all the areas of responsibility, recapped all the services, talked about all the physical and virtual servers, discussed everything from low infrastructure (power, network wiring) to high hopes (finally outsourcing the mail server), and at the end, I said,

“OK – well, I’ll keep the root credentials for now, but I won’t be using them.  At the end of the month I’ll want you to kill all my accounts, but leave the VPN account if I’m still part of the offsite backup plan then.  Let me know when you’ve got that replaced and I’ll blow away my copy of all that data.”

.. and I suddenly felt a physical weight lifting off my shoulders and landing on his shoulders.  I stood a little straighter and said, “OK, it’s all you.”

Then I went home and cried like a baby.

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