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Dim Glimmers of Light

A lot of change this year.

At the beginning of 2013 I said ‘goodbye’ to a longtime client (15 years).  It was time, and past time.

Getting all my stuff sorted out and handed over took a while: I planned three months, it took only two, so I picked up and knocked off one more major and minor project before I finished.  We also moved the source control from CVS to SVN in January.  That was fun; I put together a training presentation.  (Why not git?  Baby steps, man.  You gotta walk before you run, etc.)

From April-May I took about 8 weeks off, drove down to the US with the kids, hung out with a lot of old friends.  D was able to get one weekend off (she was working Emerg, so time is a bit more flexible) and so she flew down and we went to her 15-year reunion at Mudd.

On the trip I figured out what I want to do for my next project.  That’s still dark, though I’ve showed it to a bunch of people.  If you want to see it, drop me an email and I can show you the very rough alpha.

Summer & Fall – I must have been working, but there was a lot of fuzzy front-end stuff.  Choice of language (settled on Javascript), platforms, wireframes, UX design, thinking a lot about the problem domain.

I’m hoping to do a closed alpha in January and open beta next summer, aiming for a Q3 launch.

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