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Don’t Know Much Philosophy…

I really like my idea of what philosophy is supposed to be. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to align with what philosophy is to other people. Notably, I took two philosophy courses in undergrad and earned a D in the first and a D+ in the second.

But now I’m taking a sabbatical, and I am going to use my sabbatical to read, write, think, and discuss philosophy, and maybe figure out what feels discordant between my idea of philosophy vs. the general meaning.

To kick this off, I decided to read Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction, to get an overview of the topic.

But my friend recently reminded me of the existence of Gell-Mann Amnesia, so before I read that book, I first read Chemistry: A Very Short Introduction. That book, by Peter Atkins, turned out to be very good — I highly recommend it, if anyone wants a very short introduction to one of my favourite things.

So now, I am partway through the Philosophy book, and enjoying it quite a bit; enough to expand what I think my idea of philosophy is, and how it separates from modern academic philosophy.

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