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Recalled To Life

Hello again! It’s been almost ten years since I last posted here.

Back in 2014 I was working on a chemistry app for pre-medical students; my idea was to make it easier to understand and remember enough organic chemistry to do well in the required classes and on the MCAT exam.

I realized that it would be too much work for one person to do competently. I couldn’t even do all the coding, design, backend administration etc – let alone the marketing, user support, UI design, content generation, and all the other things necessary to make the app successful. I would need a team.

But I didn’t know how to assemble a team, how to inspire a group of people to all work on a common goal and keep going in the same direction. I didn’t know how to manage people.

I didn’t even know if I would be any good at it, since I’d never tried it before. And I didn’t know whether I would like it.

In 2015, I got an unexpected opportunity to work for a big tech company. I jumped at the chance, and joined as a senior developer. I told my manager that I was interested in trying management, and after a few years I became a manager; then in 2021 we split off my team and I had the opportunity (well, the necessity) to hire a lot of people in a short time.

It turns out that I really like managing developers.

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