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djbdns and DHCP server

There is a script for extracting DNS data from dhcpd.leases that I’ve been using for a few years.  It generates a tinydns data file which can be merged with the static file.

But I am not content with only one DHCP server.  I have implemented a backup/failover server.  Now I have twice the problems!

The ISC DHCP server only records the hostname in the dhcpd.leases file if it granted the lease. Although most leases will be written by the primary server, it would be a mistake to assume that the failover peer will never write a lease.

So the solution appears to be to run a dhcp-serving copy of axfrdns on each machine, and then pull that data together, collate it, and serve a single unified copy.
A picture might help, but I’m on a blackberry right now and can’t draw one.

I hope to implement this next week and report how it came out.

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