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War on Drugs Over – Drugs Win

News like this makes me glad I don’t bank with HSBC…

Even if you actively collude with the people at the very top of the international narcotics trade, your punishment will be far smaller than that of the person at the very bottom of the world drug pyramid. You will be treated with more deference and sympathy than a junkie passing out on a subway car in Manhattan (using two seats of a subway car is a common prosecutable offense in this city). An international drug trafficker is a criminal and usually a murderer; the drug addict walking the street is one of his victims. But thanks to Breuer, we’re now in the business, officially, of jailing the victims and enabling the criminals.

via Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke | | Rolling Stone.

But of course there’s nothing about HSBC that makes it special for this. ├é┬áProbably all big banks do it.

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